White Poppy and Hydrangea Cake

White Poppy and Hydrangea Cake

Pamela McCaffrey Cakes on facebook


5 Comments to “White Poppy and Hydrangea Cake”

  1. hi im mary from kenya,got ur connection from ‘peggy does cake’ where she had posted one of your cakes.i love this cake and was wondering what you used for the side decor,is it a rolling pin?your work is very neat.reply via email-pinkribboncakes@yahoo.com

  2. This cake is absolutely stunning! x

  3. This is the most beautiful cake I have ever seen. This is what I would like to learn how to make.

    • Helene, that is such a lovely thing to say, I am delighted that you like it. If there are not any classes in your area just look at everything that you can on the Internet (YouTube, blogs, Pinterest etc) to see how things are done. I am completely self taught (unfortunately before the days of the Internet!) and learnt just by looking at everything that I could and then developing my own style.

      Pamela xx

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