Rose and Trellis Wedding Cake

Rose and Trellis Wedding Cake

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9 Comments to “Rose and Trellis Wedding Cake”

  1. Wonderful cake! I’d like to pin on my pinterest page on creative food.. Can I? With crediti link, of course. See you soon by Ximi

  2. Very Spring- like, I think this one is my favorite

  3. I am at present makng this cake but would like to know how you stack the cakes are they on thin boards. Plus do you do the flowers as just one spray. My only other problem is transporting it to my daughters venue. No pressure . Thank you. Hope to do your cake justice.

    • Hi Dee,

      I apologise for my late reply, I thought that you had sent your query by email and I just couldn’t find it again!

      Regarding the cake, this was just a dummy cake that I had made to use up some old sugarpaste. However yes, the cakes would be on thin boards and the two larger cakes would be dowelled. The flowers were made into several wired sprays and I fixed them to the trellis with royal icing, it wasn’t easy as they were quite springy! As to transporting the cake, I would fix the two lower tiers together beforehand and fix the small tier at the venue.

      I hope that this helps and good luck with the cake.

      Best wishes


  4. Hello. I live this cake. Are the flowers all the way round or just on the front? My niece in law to be has asked if I could make her wedding cake based on your amazing design. Not quite sure where to start as never wired flowers before!

    • Hi Lou,

      Thank you for your kind comment I am so pleased that you like my cake.
      Regarding the flowers, they didn’t go all around the cake but the trellis did. If you are worried about wiring the flowers you could make them singly and affix them with a little royal icing.
      I hope that it goes well for you.

      Best wishes

      Pamela xx

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