Tulip and Lilac Easter Egg Cake

Tulip and Lilac Easter Egg Cake

Pamela McCaffrey Cakes on facebook


10 Comments to “Tulip and Lilac Easter Egg Cake”

  1. Hi Lesley,

    Thank you for your kind comment, it’s very generous of you. x

    Pamela x

  2. Ohh Pamela, you are Queen of Cakes. How can I learn how to make cakes like you do? Do you have a book? I never knew cakes like the ones you make existed. I live in the US. One burning question…how do you cut a cake like this?

    • Hi Helene,

      Thank you for your lovely comments they are much appreciated and I am so glad that you like my cakes. I don’t have a book at present but I would love to, sometime in the future. This cake was five layers of coffee cake with buttercream covered in ganache then fondant. Sometimes it is difficult to cut a cake that
      one has taken a lot of time to make but that is what they are for!

      Pamela xx

  3. An outstanding beautiful cake! Your work is amazing. You should publish a book. Can I ask how you got the perfect egg shape??

    • Hi Amber,

      Thank you for your lovely comments, yes I would love to publish a book one day.
      To get the egg shape I baked a large 12 inch square cake and cut out graduating size circles, buttercreamed them together and then trimmed them to shape.I hope that this helps.
      Pamela xx

      • Well I will buy your book if decide to publish one! Thanks for the tip. I am completely self taught making cakes for my 4 kids and friends. Might give an egg cake a go one day soon! Keep up the beautiful work xxx

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and the colors are perfect for a spring event. Love the flowers; the entire cake is perfect.

  5. Sheer perfection.

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